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My Final-Year Project Abstract

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Parameterization of Articulatory-Model Speech Synthesizer for Indonesian Phonemes


The evaluation of text-to-speech system can be started with evaluation of speech generated by the system. There are two evaluation criterias, that are naturality and intelligibility of speech. Theoretically, articulatory synthesis is a good method of speech-generating process for the text-to-speech system because it can generate natural speech. So, it will have high intelligibility rate. Until now, there is no complete data of articulatory-model parameters for generating Indonesian phonemes. Whereas, these data are very important in Indonesian text-to-speech system development which use articulatory synthesis for generating speech. Therefore, a research on finding these parameters has to be done.

In this research, parameterization involve speech synthesis process which is done using ARTM toolbox in MATLAB. Speech synthesis process itself can be divided into analysis, speech inverse filtering, excitation set up, and synthesis process. Pre-processing and post-processing can be added to those processes. Pre-processing provide formant contour of speech signal from the speech recording input. Frames which contain four first formant frequencies information is produced from formant contour in analysis process. Articulatory-model speech generator parameters for certain frame then can be provided from the frame in speech inverse filtering process. Using these articulatory-model parameters and excitation parameters, which are determined in excitation set up, synthesis process produces speech signal. Post-processing is done to determine the right frame to represent a certain phoneme and its articulatory-model parameters.

Using this methodology, articulatory-model speech synthesizer parameters for almost all Indonesian phonemes, except fricative phonemes, can be obtained. Although those parameters have not represent ideal articulatory-model yet, articulatory-model speech synthesizer parameters for Indonesian phonemes which are obtained in this research can generate human-speech-like signal.

Keyword: text-to-speech, speech synthesizer, articulatory synthesis, articulatory model


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July 23, 2008 at 2:14 pm